Technical Capability

The optimal process parameters and conditions for the production of medical grade products

Superior formulation by intensive studies on raw materials and specific material property from different vendors.

Batching system equipped with high capacity and accuracy dosing kettle to make raw material stable and adopted the multimedia and DE bubbling technology to decrease pin-hole rate.

Cooperation with such first-class raw material supplier as Formosa Plastics, Lg, kumho, Synthomer, promoting the corporate research and innovation ability.

Production Process Enlarged launder size, lengthened dropping section and shortened two-layer oven in PVC production lines realizing the oil heating pipelines monitored in several sections; twice dipping technics in nitrile production lines; use of dual hand module production line.

Adoption of DCS control system realizing the automatic control on temperature and liquid level for PVC and PU launders, and the temperature gradient control used in plasticizing process.

Production Scale

production scale of about 1 billion pieces per year

Sustainable and stable supply ability favored by those international renowned customers

Provision of customized service based on the different demands on materials, length, weight, color etc.

Environment-friendly Products

One of the few companies in the industry using DOTP plasticizer to meet environment protection requirement.

Use of cutting edge desulfurization and denitrification equipment meeting the minimum discharge standard and recycled water equipment ,It greatly saves the company's water usage.

Use of waste-heat using system to meet the heat and cold need for the whole factory; use of flue gas recovery system to make gas discharge lower than national standard and reuse of recovered mineral oil.

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